Tuesday, April 3, 2012

High Sierra Manzanita

I depend on the high sierra in California to provide me with my winter magic weather. If not a good snowstorm, then at least two to six feet of snow to visit and practice my flailing winter sports. Unfortunately, this year the precipitation has been lacking, but I looked closely, and there was a little bit of snow, and I observed ski resorts that were open. A lot of the homes are seasonal so even without much snow this year I had to search to find garden plants peeking out. On this corner in Tahoma, CA there were multiple Manzanita plants making their way above the snow. Manzanitas grow all over, but not many are as hardy as this one for the cold weather of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Whiteleaf Manzanita
Botanical Name: Arctostaphylus viscida ssp. viscida
USDA Hardiness Zone 6b

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