Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Big Designs, Small Spaces

T Z Landscape Design is now offering pre-designed gardens.

Pre-designed gardens include directions for installation and everything you need to fill in about 50 square feet of your garden with fresh herb plants appropriate for your site.

The customizable Herb Garden is a nice mix of herbs which won't get eaten by the deer and uses many drought tolerant herb plants.You can use the leaves and flowers for teas and seasonings in the kitchen.

This kit includes:

1/2 yard compost
1/2 yard mulch
100 square feet of weed suppressant cardboard
Approximately 27 plants depending on sizes and availability
Design plan including instructions for installation

Click here to get a description of the Herb Garden.

The image to the right shows an overview of the quantity, size and arrangement of the herb garden. You can spend hours trying to figure out which plants to place in your garden or you can order a pre-designed garden and spend those hours installing it. When you order the package from T Z Landscape Designs the choices have been made and you need not do anything else but put the plants in the ground.

Set aside a weekend day to install the garden yourself, or order it to be delivered when your gardener is there to install it for you.

Either way, refreshing your herb bed or creating a new one is so much easier when it has already been planned and delivered right to your door with plenty of compost and mulch to not only give it a finished look, but to ensure the success of the plants.

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